IOM is a leader in providing training on safety and security for humanitarian workers in insecure countries. IOM provides a range of courses (classroom-based, practical and online) that help workers recognize and mitigate the security threats they face, enabling them to deliver their programs in a safe and secure way.


e-Learning Course - Keeping Safe in Pakistan
IOM has developed the first country-specific online training course on basic safety and security for humanitarian workers. The course, Keeping Safe in Pakistan, has been created exclusively for staff working for NGOs and other humanitarian agencies in the country. It is a highly interactive and practical learning experience covering 12 modules about basic safety and security.

  • Security in the Field
  • Cultural Awareness and Sensitivity   
  • Natural Hazards and Disasters
  • Communications Equipment for Field Work (VHF/HF, Mobile Phone, GPS)
  • Safety and Security of Your Residence
  • Protests and Riots, Crowds and Mobs   
  • Culinary and Water Hygiene
  • Safety and Security When Travelling by Road and Air
  • Prevalent Diseases in Pakistan
  • Snake and Animal Bites
  • Stress and Psychological Well-Being
  • Harassment and Sexual Harassment

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